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Led? Watch out for what the producers declare


The LED lamps that most people are installing in homes, offices, warehouses and hospitals often differ technically from what the manufacturer declares.

LED lamps that are installed around the world every day are often less bright, less efficient and perform less than what the manufacturers claim.

What is surprising, however, is that we are not only talking about Chinese brands, but also about products marketed by well-known brands that are considered to be reference points in the lighting market.

Once again, therefore, consumers are victims of Made in China products and unaware of the real capabilities of these devices, which often have outdated technologies and unrecommended technical solutions.

The fact has even emerged from an investigation by the European Commission, according to which many manufacturers take advantage of a rule that legally allows this margin of tolerance in laboratory tests, to remedy inaccuracies in measurement.

The problem is that the law was not designed for companies but to be used only for official tests, in order to assess the compliance of products with minimum energy performance standards and rules on energy labelling. Moreover, this type of inaccuracy in the measurements are now virtually absent and certainly infinitesimal and not even equal to 10%.

On this basis, environmental and consumer associations had put pressure on the European Union to intervene. Unfortunately, however, last April, a very large majority of manufacturers received formal EU approval to continue with this practice.

We, the consumers, are obviously the ones who have to increase the number of light bulbs or their power in order to obtain a good level of lighting, and consequently the environment, since consumption in this way falls less than it should.

The advice to all those who have to install LED products is to avoid low quality products and if it is possible to test the lamps especially with regard to the value of actual power consumption (W) and the amount of light emitted.


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