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The Operative Hire of LED Lights: That is Why It is Convenient


Denis Waitley, in his most famous book, "The Psychology of Winning", said that there are always two choices in life: to accept the conditions in which we live or to take responsibility for changing them.

It is a very appropriate quote for what we intend to do in these steps, the removal of taboos that, too often, push us not to make virtuous decisions that certainly improve the economic status of a company, without risk and without wasting money.

These two conditions themselves may make you think of some strange tricks, which salesmen are used to. How is it possible that this happens? Who makes the most of it and how?

It's true, if someone earns something, it means that someone else has to pay or lose. So the question is: if it's true that nobody pays, who loses? The answer is immediate: those who sell us energy lose. Very simple.

There is no doubt, in fact, that the most modern technologies are now devoted to energy saving because competition is not so much defeated over the purchase price as over operating costs. Virtuous countries like the Scandinavian ones do not even pose the problem of costs, but of how and when to act. And the answers are always punctual and precise.

In this article, however, we want to reiterate the concept of zero costs and risks, in addition to all the benefits of those who have already done so (our customers) are valid witnesses.

LED lights can be purchased or rented. In the first case, the return on investment almost never exceeds two years, often is even less than a single year. In the second case, the new lights do not represent a cost but a gain with an immediate increase in their liquid availability (cash flow).

To demonstrate this, let's first explain what operational rental is.

Renting is a dynamic commercial formula applicable to any type of durable good, in order to obtain the possession and enjoyment of goods and / or services without investing on resources and money. It is a flexible contract that takes into account the needs of the customer: the duration is personalizable and the fees are tailor made, so as to adapt to the financial capacity of those who benefit from it.

Rental (also called operating lease) is a contract under which the final user does not directly purchase an asset, but he can utilize it and benefit from integrated management and assistance services (maintenance, consumables, insurance coverage, etc..) by paying a fee. At the end of the contractual period, the client acquires ownership of the goods at a smal cost, but he also has the right to extend the duration of the lease or request its replacement.

The purpose of the rental is therefore the enjoyment of the goods for the duration that the customer considers most appropriate and therefore the customer bears a predefined cost for the enjoyment of the goods leased.

To who does the operational rent formula apply? Usually to:

- those who cannot or do not want to burden the "assets" of their company,

- those who do not have Budget available to buy goods,

- those who cannot keep up with the duration provided for by the regulations in force for purchase/leasing,

- those who want costs charged to the budget as current expenditure rather than capital expenditure,

- those who do not want risks arising from the ownership of an asset,

- those who want to save money, but do not have the liquidity to invest in those technologies that allow them to do so.

Another advantage is that that for the entire duration of the operating lease, the supplier is obliged to maintain a relationship with its customer, to who he continues to provide assistance and maintenance.

Having said that, let's go back to LEDs. If it is true (and it is true) that LED lights cannnot be purchased but it is sufficient to pay a rental fee, we must understand what are the conditions of this fee and its cost. The rent can last from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 60 months.

Normally we usually advise the customer to pay a fee with a duration of between 48 and 60 months. This formula allows you to compare the fee with the economic advantage of what you save on your bill, thanks to the lower energy consumption guaranteed by the LEDs and their longer duration. In this way, the cost of the fee is always lower than the value of the savings, so not only that fee does not represent a cost, but it even represents an advantage in terms of real liquidity. To be even clearer, if you save 1,000 euros for the bill and pay 400 euros for the fee, you will have 600 net euros at the end of the month.

If we add to everything we have explained so far the fact that the quality of light of LED lamps is significantly better than that of traditional lights, there is no reason not to do this kind of operation, except for cases where someone plans to close their business before the end of the rental period.


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