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Scheduled Obsolescence: Let's Clarify


For too long, multinational corporations, leaders in a wide variety of sectors, have been using the technique of programmed obsolescence to induce consumers to buy their products more frequently. But how does it work and why does LP ENERGY dissociate itself from this fraudulent practice?

The planned obsolescence began in 1924, when the major light bulb companies decided that their products should not exceed 1000 hours of life. The group of manufacturers, General Electric Company, Tungsram, Compagnie des Lampes, Kremenezky, AEI/GEC, Edison Clerici and Philips, grouped together in the famous Phoebus Cartel, agreed on the standard life of incandescent bulbs: "it stated that 1000 hours was a reasonable time for the optimal life of the device. Of course, this would benefit the market because customers would have to replace the bulb more frequently, making sense of industrial production. Today the concept used by many manufacturers is always the same: the materials used are designed to last a maximum amount of hours, as well as metal components, etc.. An even more visible problem is when manufacturers deliberately decide to underdevelop their power packages in order to melt them within a certain number of hours of usage (generally after the warranty period).


LP ENERGY is moving away and refuses this way of working so it designs and markets its own LED lamps to make them as indestructible and durable as possible, making this a programmatic aim and offering a warranty ranging from five to ten years.





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